Women of a Certain Age Womens Retreat

supports women who are infected or impacted by HIV/AIDS to find the right words and necessary support in order to face the unique set of challenges their diagnosis has presented to them.

Women of a Certain Age focuses on motivating as well as inspiring women to discover and utilize their psychological, spiritual, and emotional power.

Women, especially women of color, reflect the fastest growing demographic of people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, and yet they are severely underserved, which leads to late diagnosis, a lack of effective and timely treatment, and even early death. Women, especially older women, may have difficulty accessing support and are often reluctant to speak up about the issues they face.

Women of a Certain Age provides participants with useful tools to help them advocate for themselves and their needs, so that they are diagnosed in a timely manner, given the appropriate treatment, are regularly included in protocols, and receive nothing less than the highest quality of services available.

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In this inspiring and experiential skills building workshop, participants will be offered creative ways to think about methods through which they can enhance the quality of their lives, and an opportunity to plan for their desired future. With over 60 years of combined experience working in the field of HIV/AIDS locally and world-wide, each facilitator offers her own wisdom, her unique perspective and innovative ideas, which she will unfold individually and along with her colleagues in a truly supportive environment.

Such methods include
•Group Interaction
•Paired Sharing
•Sharing Stories

Conversations about
•Complementary Medicine
•Exploring End-of-Life Issues
•Medical Adherence
•Sex and Sexuality

Women of a Certain Age guides women to discover the various tools that will allow them to enhance their lives and wellbeing, embrace their situations, explore their self-expression, and share what they have learned with others.