Behind Door #3:
Choose With Your Eyes Wide Open

This book was written to give "women of a certain age . . . " a personal opportunity to examine relationship choices they have made in the past, as well as to have new information and greater choices going forward.

This book is driven by the desire to help women navigating this new world of dating and friendships to find happiness while staying healthy and safe.

"Jacki Gethner has written a wonderful book that allows women to experience their power through the understanding that, in any relationship situation, they have the right and creativity to exert choices. Behind Door#3 is the perfect book for women's groups, book clubs, therapy groups, and for sharing among girlfriends."
~ Sally Fisher
AIDS Activist: founder Intersect Worldwide & AIDS Mastery, Writer, Theater Producer, Blogger: "Don't Just Stand There. Do Something"

"Beautifully written . . . Powerful information. A must-read and powerful workbook for any woman entering the world of dating."
~ Lorren Sandt, Executive Director
Caring Ambassadors Program, Inc.

About Jacki Gethner
Jacki Gethner (LMT, CADC1) is a renowned international health advocate, activist, and educator. Since 1987, through both her private practice and now through her non-profit Women of a Certain Age (WOACA), she continues to educate and empower diverse populations to be their personal best. She has received numerous awards and has been featured in various national publications. Jacki lives in Portland, Oregon.

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Behind Door #3

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